Your Phone Is Not Repairable But You Want To Data Recovery?

No problem ! At We Fix we offer you a Data Recovery transfer service: no more lost contacts , lost photos or applications to reinstall. Transfer, backup, restore or erase data from your old phone to your new one, whether it’s new or refurbished, whether you bought it from We Fix or elsewhere.

Your Data Recovery remains confidential before, during and after the transfer. They are encrypted during transfer so no one can access them!

Data Recovery transfer is a point-of-sale service offered by We Fix Expert. This transfer makes it possible to ensure the portability of personal content, from an old telephone to a new one or to an external medium (external hard drive or USB key).

At We Fix, data is transferred from one phone to another using professional software, installed on a computer, which allows a fast and secure operation thanks to data encryption. Only you will have access to your personal data.

In addition, the solution ensures anonymous data processing throughout the operation: no data backup is performed, and it is impossible to view the details of the transferred content.

When you decide to resell your old phone to We Fix, the Twitter data is securely erased free of charge in the same way. You then have the option of using our data transfer service to your new device or external media.